Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Ask A Librarian service received this message today. It was cc'd to Elizabeth and me. It's a scam. This person is phishing. They are hoping that we will answer back so they can confirm our e-mail address as active. Then we'll get even more messages and who knows what else.

There are several things that made me suspicious. The web site mentioned here does not exist. Also notice the odd grammar and punctuation. Would a business representative really write like this? Finally, there is no picture of an "adoption kid" on our site.

When you see a message like this, please delete it. If you're not sure, please ask me or someone in tech support. Most phishing scams try to get important personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or bank account numbers. For more info about phishing, see the Antiphishing site.

I've deleted the sender's e-mail address from the header.
Subject: ranked # 34 in Google for adoption kid picture

Hi! I was just doing some research online, and came across your site while searching in Google! for adoption kid picture. Your domain, ranked 34...which got me thinking...

I publish a site about Business - Services. We've got a very strong following, primarily because we only produce informational content, since you also produce a quality site in this category, I'd like to link to you. I get a pretty good amount of visitors to my property, so if I link up to your site you should benefit from a traffic standpoint.

Please take a look at my site when you get a chance -- I think you'll find it to be knowledgeable and tasteful. If you like what you agree, please link to it -- I'll send you all of my info on your request.

I've already linked to you to get the ball rolling. I'll keep it up a few days until I hear back from you, so please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your time.


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