Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Ask A Librarian account has been getting spam lately. Most of it has the subject line "software". A few months ago we were all getting spammed by someone named "Doctor" peddling online pharmaceuticals. At the time I posted these instructions to filter these messages. This will be added to the Toolbox binders.

To make a filter:
Open the Eudora Inbox and click once on the offending message to highlight it.
Go to the Special menu and select Make Filter.

When the Make Filter box appears, you have several choices based on the content of the message. In this case, click the Subject Contains button. The subject of the message is Software. Next, click the Delete Message button. Finally, click the Create Filter button. The box will disappear. You are now ready to filter your messages. Go to the Edit menu and choose Select All. This will highlight all the messages in the Inbox. Go to the Special menu and select Filter Messages. All messages with that subject line will be sent to the Trash. In the future, any message with that subject will automatically be filtered to the Trash.


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