Friday, December 16, 2005

I see that it's been over a week since my last post. Coincidentally, today I ran across this comment by Walt Crawford; "Life trumps blogging. At least it does for most sane, balanced people." This quote came from his monthly newsletter, Cites & Insights 5, Number 13: Mid-Fall 2005. This newsletter is a 'must read', especially if you're interested in library technologies. (He also has a blog titled, Walt at Random, containing musings he says are "not quite ready for Cites and Insights".) One of the things I especially like about him is that he gives everyone a fair shake, even those he doesn't agree with. An example is his entry on whether the Google Library Project can be considered as fair use or not.

Right now life is trumping my blog. I blog when necessary. The pace at the library is slow and I'm doing life things, such as mailing greeting cards, reading, walking the dog, and planning for the holidays. And while I've tried to expand the scope of this blog, those activities are not going to show up here - aside from this brief mention.

Just trying to stay sane and balanced.


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