Wednesday, May 31, 2006

E-mail Scams

Today I got two e-mail messages guaranteeing me a princely sum if I will only contact the sender. Usually I delete these because I know they're scams, but these two had malapropisms that are a hoot. Here are the exerpts:

"I am Mr. Sebastian Adigwe, the Executive Director, Corperate and Investment Banking, of Afribank Nigeria Plc, a well-known bank in Nigeria. I have an obscured business suggestion for you."

"Mr. Kim, Changho a citizen of United State Of America who perished in a plane crash (Korean Air Flight 801) with the whole passengers aboard."

Actually, the use of improper English is one way to determine that these are bogus. If they were really from an attorney or high-ranking civil servant, would they have these mistakes? If you're unsure about e-mail messges like these, check them out on these two sites.

Urban Legends Reference Pages



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