Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Web Site Update

We've been getting a lot of positive comments on our new web site. Most people like the new graphics, but some were confused about how to reach the catalog. Based on that, we made some changes to make it clearer. Remote access to the databases has been restored, too.

We also heard from a couple of people who said they couldn't connect to the catalog. This means their browsers needed to be updated to use AquaBrowser, the visual search interface to the catalog. If you're using Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP or UNIX, you will need:

* Internet Explorer version 6.02 or higher
* Mozilla Firefox version 1.0 or higher
* Netscape version 7.1or higher
* Adobe / Macromedia Flash player 8 or higher (for the visual search)

These updates are all free. Firefox can be updated by going to the Help menu and selecting Check for Updates. You can also update by going to Google and typing the word "download" plus the program's name. You'll find links to download sites. Don't use the sponsored links, as they sometimes contain adware or want you to pay.


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