Friday, February 13, 2009

My Brilliant Career, Part 2

Soon I'll be entering a new chapter in my library career. I'll be leaving Liverpool Library and, starting in March, working for Polaris Library Systems here in Liverpool. The position is site manager, which is similar to tech support, for the libraries that use their system. This will be the most challenging thing I've ever done. The job is very fast-paced and requires knowledge of SQL, which will be new to me.

I thought a long time about making this move. When I started my career in libraries, I told myself that I would take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves. Polaris has an excellent reputation among its customers and in the industry. They added 60 libraries last year and are expanding into Canada. I know several people there and they love it.

I feel lucky to have had to chance to work here. Many of the things I learned made me an attractive job candidate. I've experimented with new technologies and worked with some talented people. Daily reference work can be very satisfying and I'll miss the "regulars" who smile and wave when they come in. I've been full-time here for almost ten years. Everyone is happy for me but sorry to see me leave. This will still be my home library so I'll see the staff members regularly.

This blog will probably change, too. My blog content is automatically posted on the Liverpool Library's website, and I've tried to keep it related to libraries and technology. In the future, I may expand my posts into other areas that interest me. It may become more personal, too. Stay tuned!


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