Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The new wireless headsets are now available. If you would like one, please see me.
Below are instructions for using the headset.

Refer to the headset's Quick Start Guide to assemble and adjust the headset pieces. You can either use the over-the-head or over-the-ear assembly.

The wireless phone system has two pieces. The small unit is called the transceiver, or remote unit. The larger unit is the base. They will stay at the Information Desks. There are two at the adult desk and one at the children’s desk.

When you go to the desk, plug the headset cord into the left side of the remote unit.

You can walk anywhere in the library with your headset and stay connected. Just pick up the remote unit and take it with you. Clip it to your belt or ID badge.

To answer a call, press the Talk button on the remote unit or the Talk button on the base unit. The phone handset will lift off the cradle and you can take the call. If you are away from the desk, you can answer a call using the remote unit. To place a call, press the Talk button.

You can still answer the phone with the handset. But if the headset is plugged into the transceiver, you will not hear the dial tone when you pick up the handset.

Use the Mute button when you need to talk to someone in front of you and you don’t want the caller to hear. You can still hear the caller but they can’t hear you.

On top of the base is the Page button. If you want to page your colleague who is away from the desk, press it once. Their remote unit will beep twice.

When you return the remote unit to the base holder it will recharge. Charging is complete when the battery charge light on the base goes off.


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