Monday, September 12, 2005

There are four browsers on the Information Desk computers. I'd like to encourage everyone to use Safari or Firefox. Although there are sometimes problems accessing specific sites or databases (you can't reach AllData with Safari, for example), these two browsers have several advantages. They offer tabbed browsing, an organizational and time-saving feature that Explorer doesn't have. They are more secure and are continually updated by the manufacturers. Internet Explorer for the Mac was released in 2001. It has not been, and will not ever be, updated by Microsoft. Safari and Firefox are much quicker than Explorer, too. The only disadvantage I've found is that they don't offer Print Preview yet. If I need to preview a page, I copy the URL into Internet Explorer, print it, then get out of there. I haven't mentioned Netscape, which includes several add-ons (e-mail and newsgroup reader, a chat program and html editor) that use a lot of system resources. This makes it slow to start-up, load pages and it can slow down other programs.


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Super nice post! Thanks for the timely information. Hope you keep updating...

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Dave Jackson - Naples, FL


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