Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I rearranged my workspace today...then rearranged it again. It's a long story but essentially the IT department was trying to use its space more effectively. When we were done my desk was exactly as it had been before, with one exception. I had misplaced the note on my wall outlining Joe Janes' rubics for thinking about technology. Whenever we plan a new program, consider a suggestion from a patron, or start to spend money, I consult this note. It's an excerpt from an article that was published in Library Journal. To recreate the note, I had to find the article, How To Think About Technology, on the Library Journal web site. It's well worth reading, although my note consists only of his list of questions to consider.

Is there a benefit to the user?
Is it accessible, affordable, and worth the cost?
Does it help uphold the values of the profession?
Does it play to our strengths?
Is it likely to endure?
Does it feel right?

I hung this note right next another that helps keep me focused. It's "The Parable of the Drill", a quote from Craig Kanarick in Wired magazine. I'll post it tomorrow.


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