Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"State of the Net" Survey from Consumer Reports

According the latest "State of the Net" survey by Consumer Reports, many people have failed to take basic precautions to protect their computers. Seventeen percent of respondents didn't have antivirus software installed. Thirty-three percent didn't use software to block or remove spyware, which would help to stop identity theft. 3.7 million U.S. households with broadband still don't have a computer firewall.

These three things are easy to remedy and can be done for free. AVG offers an antivirus program that works as well as any other. Spyware can be prevented by using Ad-Aware and Spybot, and Zone Alarm is a firewall that works better than the one that comes with Windows.

It takes a little effort to download, install and maintain these programs but it's dangerous to use an unprotected computer. Your personal information could be stolen, your computer could be vandalized or turned into a spam-spewing zombie. Protect yourself and others!


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