Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our new catalog is up and running!

It's been two weeks since my last post because we've been crazy busy getting ready for our shiny new integrated library system, Polaris. It went live yesterday and is running very well. It changes the way we do everything here, so there's been a lot of training and practice sessions. We're all wearing "Please be patient" tags and our patrons have been very understanding. If you'd like to have a look, go to our web site and click "Catalog, Holds and Renewals." Follow the link to the Onondaga County Public Library System Catalog. It offers lots of new features and services. I'll be blogging about these in the future.

So, back to the tech stuff:

First, there's a nasty new piece of malware called "Safewebnavigate." It'll cause lots of popups and install red wallpaper on your computer. Getting rid of Safewebnavigate is not easy, but Geeks to Go have posted a fix and instructions on their site. (The fix only works with Windows XP or 2000.)

Second, time to update your Adobe Reader software. There's a malicious PDF document on the Internet that exploits security flaws in Adobe Reader. The company has posted a fix. You can get it by going to Reader's Help menu and selecting "Check for Updates."

That is all. As you were.


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