Monday, August 09, 2004

There was a question about restarting the Dell computers in the lab and on the floor.

To restart the Dells in the lab, go to the Start menu and select Shut Down. A window will appear with a pull-down menu. Choose Restart from the menu.

If the computer is frozen you can manually shut down by pressing the button on the front of the tower. To restart, press and hold the button until the green lights flash on the keyboard.

After the computer restarts, the login screen will appear with Patron in the login box. The password box is empty. There is no password for Patron login, so click OK.

The Dells on the floor can be restartedwith the green button on the front of the CPU, which is attached to the walls between the carrels. Press the button to shut down the computer, then press it again to restart it. If this method doesn't work, unplug the computer's power supply.

There are a lot of cables under the carrels and it can be confusing to find the right one. They will be labelled in the near future.