Wednesday, December 22, 2004

After last week's reference meeting, several people asked for help making e-mail filters. It can be tricky and I'm always happy to help. I was pleased by the positive reaction. But this message is about something else. I noticed that some people have hundreds of e-mail messages in their In box. If you have a lot of messages there with attachments and picture files, this can slow down or even crash your computer. To help make your computer happy, think about whether you really need all those old messages. Some of the messages I saw go back several years. Deleting can take some time, but you can do it in small segments. Sorting your messages can help. For example, if you have messages from a listserv such as PUBLIB, click on the word "Who" at the top of the Eudora window. This will sort your messages by sender so all the PUBLIB messages will be together. To delete a lot of messages at the same time, click on one, hold down the shift key and click on another further down in the list. All messages between those two will be selected. You can either press the delete key or transfer them to the Trash. To sort the messages by date, click the word "Date" at the top of the window.


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