Friday, January 26, 2007

InfoTrac and eTrust EZ Firewall

Today we learned about a problem with InfoTrac and the eTrust EZ Firewall. I got a phone call from a patron who had remote access to all of our databases except InfoTrac. When she tried, she got a message that her browser needed to be set to accept cookies. After much resetting of cookies and other privacy settings, she was still locked out. Finally, she suggested turning off her eTrust EZ firewall. This is not something to do lightly, but it worked. I "Googled" the problem and found that other libraries had posted a solution.

If you are using eTrust EZ Firewall, you must add the InfoTrac web site address to the site list. Follow these instructions.

To Change the Settings for eTrust EZ Firewall

1. Open EZ Firewall.
2. From the menu on the left, select Privacy.
3. Click on the Site List tab.
4. Add to the list of sites.
5. Under Cookie Control:3rd Party for each new site, right-click the red X and select Allow.

NOTE: You must clear your browser's cache and restart your browser for the new settings to take affect.


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