Thursday, February 14, 2008

How the Giants Made Me a Better Librarian

I've been a NY Giants fan since 1986, the first year they won the Super Bowl. The Albany TV station where I worked sent me to all their home games that season. I shot the games from the sideline, then a reporter and I interviewed players in the locker room afterward. It was great fun. I liked the players, the coach and the whole Giants organization. I've followed the team ever since and was ecstatic when they upset the Patriots this year. I wanted to buy the issue of Sports Illustrated that covered the game (you know, the one with David Tyree's amazing helmet catch on the cover) but it was sold out at three newsstands. I finally found the special commemorative Super Bowl issue at a local drugstore.

Yesterday, a patron told me she was looking for that same issue for her son, who is keeping a Giants scrapbook. I was happy to send her directly to the drugstore, saving her a long search.


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