Thursday, August 07, 2008

Libraries in Our Blood

Recently we attended a wedding in Vermont and had the chance to explore some family history. The family of my wife's father was originally from Irasburg (pop. 1098), just north of St. Johnsbury. In 1927, his family donated property next to the town common with the understanding that it was to be used "for the common good." The Leach Public Library was built on the site. In the past it was open just a two days a week but, thanks to volunteers, it's now expanded to five days, including Saturdays.

On the way, we stopped at the excellent Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. Crossing the busy streets can be a challenge in that town, but the bookstore is worth it. It's been greatly expanded since we last visited. There's a large media section and a wonderful children's area upstairs. There's even a new coffee shop/cafe called the Spiral Press.


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